How to Avoid Financing Your Taxes If You Are Short on Cash

You don’t have to worry if the due date of the tax payment is getting near and you don’t have enough money in your bank account to pay your tax to the IRS. The following are a few options for you to try when you are not able to afford paying your tax.

You can apply to the IRS for a short term extension of up to 120 days if you need some time to come up with the money to pay. The IRS does not charge any fee if you apply for an extension but the late payment penalty and an interest fee will be incurred.

You can go by the route of the installment agreement, where you are required to pay a fixed amount of monthly installment for a period of more than 3 years. You can make payment via payroll deduction and the monthly installment will be the maximum amount you are able to afford based on your income. The installment amount will include the interest fee and you will have to pay a late payment penalty fee if you miss a payment.

The late penalty fee percentage will be reduced to 0.25% per month when you pay by credit card. Choosing the installment agreement option can prevent you from facing debt collection action, or being forced into taking out a short term loan, which may ensure your finances stay in good shape. You have to pay a one time debt collection fee to set up the installment agreement.

Most people have also paid for their income taxes using their credit cards but credit card charge expensive interest rates. The rate charged by a credit card is usually higher than the fee that the IRS charge you for making late payment. There is a fee that you must pay if you opt to pay your tax via credit card. If you decide to pay your tax by a credit card, you must compare the cost with paying through the installment agreement.

Another method to clear away your tax is to establish a negotiated settlement with the IRS. Negotiated settlement means the IRS will agree to settle your tax debt for a lesser amount but there are several requirements you need to meet. The IRS will not be willing to reach a negotiated settlement if they believe that you can pay the liability in full. They might consider reaching the settlement agreement if you will face an economic hardship, for example left with no money and can’t work due to poor health. They will also consider reaching the settlement agreement if you cannot settle the full amount of tax you owed in lump sum or installment agreement.

You can’t resolve your tax debt by filing for a bankruptcy. However, if you are in a bankruptcy condition now, it will stop all the IRS collection activities and reduce your current debt significantly so that you have more money to pay for the tax.

In conclusion, you must never ignore your tax and tax the necessary action when you know that you will have difficulties paying the tax. You must not forget to take the step to file your return to avoid getting the failure-to-file penalty.

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Having a Financial Aid Consultant Is the New Best Way to Pay for College.

Having your own one of a kind individual financial guide master persistently paying special mind to your advantage is as profitable as having a decent safeguard lawyer. All through our general public we have turned out to be progressively relied on the administrations of specialists to advices us on the most mind boggling and testing parts of our lives. Much the same as an expense proficient readies our charges, a fitness coach offer us some assistance with getting fit as a fiddle, a nutritionist picks our dinners, a financial organizer help us with our finances or even a real estate broker offer us some assistance with finding our fantasy home. An individual financial guide expert takes a shot at their customer’s sake helping them and their families explore through the always showing signs of change and regularly complex financial guide process.

To comprehend the estimation of a Consultant and why such a variety of families are swinging to them for help, you should first comprehend the expense to acquire a school training. As per a late College Board report, school educational cost has risen the whole way across the nation. As indicated by the report the normal in-state open school educational cost developed to $22,261 per scholarly year while private school educational cost rose to $43,289 per scholastic year. While just 66% of full-time understudies get awards or government tax cuts, numerous are left to pay themselves. As per another report by the Institute for College Access and Success Project on Student Debt, two-third of the class of 2011 held understudy loans upon graduation, and the normal owed was $26,600. As indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Education 13.4% of those borrowers will default on their understudy loans inside of three years subsequent to graduating.

Conventional Help Resources

Verifiably, 1 in 7 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) structures has blunders or irregularities which are one of the major reasons understudies lose some or the greater part of their financial guide. As to extra concedes and grants outside of the FAFSA, numerous families essentially don’t know where and when to look, what to look like or have no time and vitality to look and they simply wind up getting baffled attempting of go after the free guide. The vast majority of these issues could be maintained a strategic distance from by utilizing an advisor however sadly most understudies and families depend on customary assets which offer restricted backing in attempting to get financial guide.

Customarily, families get their financial guide data and assistance from four fundamental sources:

Secondary school direction instructors – for some groups of school destined understudies their direction advisors are their first wellspring of data and help. Sadly, most advocates are so over worked and are typically not satisfactorily prepared and progressive with the continually changing strategies and regulations in the school funding procedure. These deficiencies can bring about family a huge number of dollars in help.

Your financial guide office – perhaps the best place to data, with enough prepared staff with up and coming information of strategies and regulations, be that as it may they have their difficulties as well. Most Colleges don’t give data on extra concedes and grants outside of what their school gives. Their greatest test however is the immense workload of a large number of understudies who apply or reapply for help each year. This enormous volume of understudies debilitates the capacity of guides to invest sufficient energy with every understudy which leaves the understudy and their family to fight for themselves in the application process.

The web – The web can be a decent wellspring of assistance yet without a specialist to unravel all the data and secure you there is a danger of mistakes and even extortion.

Folks and Friends – yes folks give the backing and bits of knowledge which are useful yet may don’t have up and coming data. While family can invest hours before a PC screen and hours more around the lounge area table rounding out structures they might never truly know whether the data they are giving is offering or some assistance with hurting their qualification.

Why a Financial Aid Consultant?

There are a few advantages to having an expert none more huge than the way that the specialist is your representative whom you have enlisted and can fire. His or her sole employment is to be always paying special mind to your advantage and ensuring that you are in the best financial circumstance amid and after you have moved on from school. Numerous families are discovering it monetarily brilliant to put a couple bucks now in an advisor who can offer them some assistance with saving thousands in understudy obligation later on.

These are a percentage of the administrations that a financial guide expert gives:

Helps you in the rounding out financial application shapes.

Guarantees you meet all due dates.

Helps you in your quest for more allows, grants and loans.

Guarantees you get the most extreme guide you fit the bill for.

Guides you regulated through the whole process.

Spares you time and cash by offering you some assistance with receiving financial guide.

Determines your qualification.

Determines in the event that you are accepting a reasonable financial guide offer.

Offers you important data on every diverse kind of help.

Gives an assessment of your normal family commitment.

Suggests schools that offer you the best bundle.

Helps with claims.

An autonomous counselor gives you that genuine feelings of serenity of realizing that you’ve gotten the best financial guide you’re qualified for.


In the event that you choose that a financial guide specialist is a good fit for you, you ought to take a few safety measures. Like everything, utilizing an advisor has its own particular arrangements of difficulties so here are 5 tips that you ought to utilize:

Despite the fact that there are gigantic advantages in utilizing an expert, recollect the FAFSA application is free so you ought to never pay extreme expenses for an advisor administration.

Pick an expert that is knowledgeable in the laws and accessibility of every kind of government and private schooling projects – ideally an insider with gigantic experience.

Pick a specialist that been prescribed by a companion or relative who can vouch that the advisor offered incredible quality to them.

Stay away from any expert that is not legit, moral or totally open with you.

Verify your expert is willing to sign the FAFSA, as any expert will sign the archive that they get ready for customers – this guarantees they will remain behind and back the application if further issues or question ought to emerge and recall to get a point by point receipt.

Managing the financial guide process for school is overpowering for some understudies and folks. More understudies and their families are discovering solace in realizing that they have a specialist on their side. As the expense of school keeps on rising they realize that they have a prepared proficient who they have utilized to offer them some assistance with navigating the financial guide process. An individual advisor is the asset that guarantees families and understudies get whatever they can with regards to loans, gifts and grants.

Why Women Fall Off the Financial Cliff

Why do as such numerous ladies leave their financial future to risk? Why do ladies confront such a variety of difficulties with their finances? On the off chance that you could figure out how to conquer your financial concerns, would you make a move? After numerous years of working with ladies, either single, wedded, separated, or widowed, I have discovered comparable shared factors. Ladies don’t get included with their financial security. They surrender it over to a horde of different potential outcomes.

Ladies as of now face extra difficulties that are remarkable to them. To start with, ladies have a longer life anticipation. As indicated by a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the normal life anticipation for a man is age 76 and for a lady it is age 81. That is a five year contrast. U.S. Registration information from 2000 shows there are four times more centenarian ladies than men. Which implies retirement investment funds must last longer. With longer life anticipation comes the likelihood of health issues and the requirement for long term care arranging.

Next a lady acquires around seventy five percent of what a man gains. US Census information additionally demonstrates that ladies’ middle yearly pay is 77% of men’s in 2010. This implies they contribute less to 401ks, annuities and government managed savings, bringing about less retirement investment funds to attract salary from retirement. They likewise have less optional funds to contribute and spare to maintain their lifestyles now and later on.

Ladies additionally fall into the part of essential care supplier setting aside additional time off from their careers to satisfy care offering parts to either their kids, elderly folks or a wiped out life partner. Less time gaining wage further decreases their capacity to spare.

Ladies have a tendency to depend on their spouses to oversee investments, equalization spending plans, and make financial arrangements. With the separation rate at fifty percent, a lady could get herself single and not knowing where her cash is or the amount it is worth. Surprisingly more terrible, not knowing whether her spouse carefully dealt with the family resources or potentially wasted them away. For the widowed lady it may mean attempting to deal with her finances with little information at a much more established age after a lifetime of being out of the financial picture. Numerous ladies don’t get ready for the likelihood that they may lose their spouse’s annuity and different advantages. Both of these cases could accompany adverse impacts.

Absence of financial information positions high on the rundown of difficulties confronting ladies. Generally ladies are not urged to teach themselves on financial issues. More than 70 percent of men say they have a decent comprehension of securities exchange nuts and bolts, yet under 45 percent of ladies feel that way. This puts them off guard to their male partners. This absence of information leads them to be more preservationist, under using stocks, bonds and different contributes. Subsequently their long term returns and capacity to support expansion are influenced. Examination discharged by HSBC demonstrated that numerous ladies are not arranged for retirement, with only 24% of ladies in their fifties asserting to have a financial arrangement set up.

Subsequent to finding out about the difficulties ladies face with their finances, would you like to leave your financial future to risk? What are you prepared to do to beat these financial concerns? It would be ideal if you consider working so as to assume responsibility of your future on a financial arrangement. Try not to let a longer life hope, lower profit, and absence of financial information take you off kilter. Make an arrangement to assume responsibility today!

The Only Constant In Our Finances Is Change

In Genesis 31:39, Jacob is enlightening Laban regarding his experience working for his dad in-law. Despite the fact that this just gives us a slight look into the difficulties that Jacob confronted, we can at present get a really smart thought of exactly how riotous it probably been. Laban sounds like a man who not just distorted his objectives and targets to his workers, additionally altered his opinion continually.

We may take a gander at change as a terrible thing on occasion. It changes our routine and rattles us. Be that as it may, in reality, changes in our life ought not come as an amazement. They ought normal in most circumstances.

Financial changes may come our way at any given minute. Our test is to have the capacity to withstand the change and run with the new stream.

Loss of wage

Wage changes can go in any case. We should consider a more awful case situation first. In the event that the family experiences lost salary, it can destroy to the gang. As a general rule, the family is truly depending on that pay keeping in mind the end goal to work. Living from paycheck to paycheck is the standard in numerous homes.

At such a critical point in time, it is imperative for the family to begin organizing costs to determine the first regions in which to make cuts. A few things may feel hard to give up, however we must have the capacity to live inside of our methods.

Bungling the assets that God has given may obstruct His giving more. Luke 16:10 lets us know, “Whoever can be trusted with next to no can likewise be trusted with much, and whoever is exploitative with almost no will likewise be untrustworthy with much.” (NIV)

On the off chance that we substantiate ourselves unwavering to God, His gifts will keep on pouring out on us. He will ensure that we, His dearest youngsters, have each need met.

Shouldn’t something be said about additional?

The adjustment in wage could go the inverse way. We could be honored with a raise, a reward, or some other financial benefit. All things considered, we ought to still be careful with how hard we celebrate.

Luke 16:10 still remains constant in this circumstance. In the event that God has depended more to us, we are required to be great stewards of the extra wage also. This is not a period to get up to speed with the majority of the toys that we’ve needed to purchase – for our kids or for ourselves.

We ought to look at our financial position and determine the most ideal approach to assign the extra assets. Do we have a secret stash set up? Are there obligations that should be paid off? Does God have a zone of need inside of His Kingdom in which He needs you to be a gift?

Be prepared

Life is loaded with lessons. Some are less demanding than others. Yet, they all are purposeful. God utilizes each experience to form us, to shape us, into His picture.

We have a decision in the matter of regardless of whether we will be sufficiently adaptable for Him to utilize us. His arrangements are such a great amount of superior to anything we can ever envision. We should endeavor to be accessible to God and to take after His way as changes come our direction.